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The easiest way to explain how to measure the Length (A) is with the use of a towel.

Place the towel over your dog’s back so it is level with the front of your dog’s front legs on both sides - this ensures it is lying straight on your dog.

Measure from the the edge of the towel (1) to the rear of the dog (2) ensuring that the measurement is long enough to cover your dog’s bum. (This is particularly important for waterproof coats as they have leg straps and if the coat is too short it will be tight at the neck of the dog and be uncomfortable for them to wear.)

If you are ordering an Ultimate Dog Drying Coat please measure to the base of tail (3) as this style of drying coat has additional length which is shaped to cover the rear of your dog.


measure dog coat length

Measure your dog when then are standing upright. Do not try and measure them when they are sitting or lying down as you may get an incorrect measurement. I recommend that you use a soft tape when measuring your dog.

measure dog coat girth


For the Girth (B), measure around your dog's middle, halfway between the front and back legs, as this is where the strap will fasten.

Measure the circumference of the Neck (C) at its widest part. Please note that a 10% allowance will be added to the neck measurement of Custom Size coats to allow room for the coat to be removed over the head.  

For custom size coats, if your dog has a particularly deep chest please feel free to use the Additional Information box to provide chest and waist measurements (see below for details).

Additional Information

Please use the Additional Information text box to provide any further information that you may feel to be useful. For example if your dog is particularly deep chested you may wish to provide the chest and waist measurement too, or if you have a broad dog you may wish to provide the breast measurement. 

The Chest (D) measurement should be taken at the deepest part of the chest. The Breast (F) measurement is taken from shoulder to shoulder, from the front of the legs - if using the towel method it is from the front edges of the towel across the breast.

You may also wish to let me know what breed your dog is or email me a clear photo if you feel they are an unusual shape to help me understand any special shaping that may be required.

For Custom Size coats please provide exact measurements as tolerances are allowed when making the coat to allow for a comfortable fit.


Standard Sizes

Please note that the breed guide is a suggestion only and I would always recommend measuring your dog to ensure that the coat you purchase is a good fit. There is a small degree of adjustment in the girth of coats as they fasten with velcro or an adjustable webbing strap. Therefore if your dog's measurements are only a few centimetres out from the girth stated above a standard size coat should be suitable.

If you are unsure of what size to buy, please feel free to email me your dog's measurements as described above and I will be happy to advise.


I also make Custom Size coats and the price of the coats are based on the length of the coat. You will find a link to pages where you can place your order and enter your measurements for custom sized dog coats on each of the dog coat style pages.

 Dog coat size chart