Underbelly Drying Coat - Flowers (Extra Small)

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Underbelly Drying Coat - Extra Small with Yellow and Flowers coral fleece outer.
(Please note that this coat is made with coral fleece which has a slightly longer pile than the anti-pil polar fleece that I usually use)

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Length: 35cm

Breed Suggestion: Yorkshire Terrier
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The Underbelly Dog Drying Coat is our mid-range drying coat and has an underbelly strap that fits between the dog's front legs and so dries the chest and front of the belly area. The Drying Coat slips over your dog's head, and the microfibre towel lined underbelly strap is placed between your dogs front legs and then wraps and fastens around the dog's waist for extra drying and warmth.

Freckles Drying Coats are fantastic for warming and drying your dog. They are great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim in the sea or after a bath. The Drying Coats fit snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly.

The Drying Coats are made with a polar fleece outer and are lined with high quality black microfibre towelling made in Italy. Microfibre towelling is faster drying and has much greater absorption properties than standard towelling so your dog dries in extra quick time! The coat fits snug on your dog allowing the microfibre to make direct contact with the fur and so ensuring that any moisture is absorbed quickly.

As the water is absorbed by the microfibre towelling, and with the aid of the fleece outer layer, your dog will begin to warm up. As your dog warms up the water absorbed by the towelling will evaporate away and so if the coat is left on long enough the result is a dry dog and a dry coat. The quicker your dog warms up, the quicker the evaporation process and the quicker your dog dries.



Your Drying Coat will be posted out the same day if the order is placed before 1pm (Mon - Fri). If your order is placed after 1pm it will be posted to you the following day.

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Drying coat

Great quality material & I just adore the flowery pattern. Thanks