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Ultimate Drying Coat - Brown (Small)

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Ultimate Drying Coat - Small (40cm) with Brown Fleece Outer

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Breed Suggestion: Jack Russell, Shih Tzu

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This Ultimate Drying Coat has a snap fastening at the back shaping (new stock has a small elasticated plastic buckle there instead) and so are in the sale as old stock. Grab yours now while stocks last! 


The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat provides our greatest coverage and as well as an underbelly strap, it also a microfibre lined polo neck and a back shaping which encloses round the rear of the dog for the ultimate coverage. The back shaping fastens together with a snap fastening which can be undone if required. The Ultimate Dog Drying Coat slips over your dog's head, and has a microfibre towel lined underbelly strap which goes between your dog's front legs and then wraps and fastens around the dog's waist for extra drying and warmth.

Freckles Drying Coats are fantastic for warming and drying you dog. They are great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim in the sea or after a bath. The Drying Coats fit snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly. 

The Drying Coats are made with a polar fleece outer and a lined with high quality black microfibre towelling made in Italy.  Microfibre towelling is faster drying and has much greater absorption properties than standard towelling so your dog dries in extra quick time! The coat fits snug on your dog allowing the microfibre to make direct contact with the fur and so ensuring that any moisture is absorbed quickly.

As the water is absorbed by the microfibre towelling, and with the aid of the fleece outer layer, your dog will begin to warm up. As your dog warms up the water absorbed by the towelling will evaporate away and so if the coat is left on long enough the result is a dry dog and a dry coat. The coat drys the dog and the dog drys the coat!

Why Microfibre Towelling?

Microfibre towelling is much more absorbant than cotton towelling which most other drying coats are made of. In fact microfibre towelling absorbs up to 8 times more water than standard cotton towelling which means that your dog dries much quicker.

Microfibre is made from fibres which are finer than 1/100 of a human hair. The wedge shaped cross section threads have more than 40 times surface area compared to normal towelling fibres and so these can hold more water and also trap dust and dirt more effectively than traditional towelling. Microfibre also does not pull or snag and so retains it's quality longer than cotton towels.


Standard Sizes

This item is for a Standard Size Drying Coat. Please click here for guidance on measuring your dog.


Extra Small 35cm  35cm   Yorkshire Terrier
Small 40cm  40cm Jack Russell, Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu
Medium 48cm 48cm Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier, Westie
Intermediate 54cm 54cm Sprocker Spaniel, Beagle
Large 60cm 60cm Springer Spaniel, Border Collie
Large Wide 60cm 75cm Labrador
Large Deep 65cm 65cm Pointer, Vizsla, Dalmation
Extra Large 70cm 75cm Golden Retriever, Rottweiler
XXL 90cm 85cm German Shepherd

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Your Ultimate Drying Coat can be washed at 40 degrees. Do not use fabric conditioners or softeners as this can affect the absorbency properties of the microfibre towelling. Tumble drying is not recommended and do not iron. 



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Ultimate Drying Coat - Brown (Small)

After my dog's first cheap "bathrobe" started falling apart after only a few months use, and considering she does feel the cold and needs regular baths being a country bumpkin and short-legged + a poodle cross, I took the plunge and decided to invest in an "expensive" version and I am so glad I did! The drying coat is wonderful, perfect fit thanks to the large velcro that is placed so well that it can not catch fur, the underbelly is fully covered and the little plus with the back that you can attach around the tail is wonderful. No way it can fall off if your dog shakes vigorously or trip your dog if they run around with it on. The quality of these hand-made drying coats with the upper fleece material and the inner towelling material is obvious and will make for a very cosy post wet walk ride home / post bath-time!