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Springer Rescue for Scotland rescue and rehome Springer Spaniels across Scotland and beyond. They promote the welfare of Springer Spaniels in Scotland and encourage responsible dog ownership.

I adopted two of my dogs, Ollie a Sprocker Spaniel in 2009, and Alfie a Springer Spaniel in 2012 from them and so they have a special place in my heart and I try and support them as much as I can.




High premium dog and cat food - with the power of the sea

Created by Michael Tetzner, mushing world champion, who during his racing career was often a guest of the Indian aborigines of Canada and Alaska and he noticed that the dogs there were decidedly healthy, resistant and capable. Remarkably, the dogs only food was fish remains - according to Inuits, the best dog food. He then experimented with different food mixtures and different proportions of fish and developed his own recipes. Success came from this and he won many prizes and victories.The entire experience from his musher time was used to create this high premium dog food.




Cani-Fit is a human and dog fitness company ran by dog lovers. With combined 29 year experience in Sled Dog Sports, Cani-Fit have adapted sports such as Canicross, Scooter and Bikejor to teach dogs and their owners how best to work and get fit together. They're a one stop shop to provide you with training and advice on dog fitness. They provide group training classes, 1-1 training sessions, workshops, races and events in various locations in Scotland.