The ThermLow Cooling Short Vest has been designed for those that wish to concentrate on cooling down the body core temperature and the length is 65% of the standard ThermLow cooling vests.

The Cooling Vests are made from a soft lightweight PVA foam fabric that absorbs and retains water. The coat will stay moist and cool for several hours (dependant on weather conditions) however your dog will remain dry. The evaporative process activated by the cool fabric allows your dog to cool down more than the outside air.

The cooling vest slips over your dog's head and has an underbelly strap which covers the chest of your dog and allows the body core to cool down too. This provides for a more efficient cooling process.

Why does my dog need a cooling vest?

Unlike humans, dogs do not have efficient cooling systems and so they can overheat easily. Dogs try to regulate their body temperature by panting, or by perspiring through the pads of their paws, as they have almost no sweat glands like humans.  However, dogs can only expel a small fraction of a their excess bodyheat in this way. Using a cooling vest can therefore help your dog maintain a normal body temperature.

How to use the vest

To use the ThermLow cooling vest simply soak it in in water and then wring out so that it is moist but not dripping. Slip it over your dog’s head, tuck the underbelly strap between the dog's front legs and bring the straps up and secure the hook and look fastenings.  If the coat starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect.

How long does the vest stay cool?

This depends on the outside temperature, but generally it will stay cool for a few hours. If the vest starts drying out, simply re-wet it to maintain the cooling effect.

Standard Sizes

This item is for a Standard Size Cooling Vest. Please click here for guidance on measuring your dog.

The Length (A) in the table below is based on the FULL length of your dog - the vest will actually be made to 65% of this length.

Should a Standard Size not be quite right we also make Made to Measure vests. To order a Made to Measure ThermLow Cooling Vest please click here 


Extra Small 35cm  35cm  30cm  Yorkshire Terrier
Small 40cm  40cm 32cm Jack Russell, Bichon Frise
Medium 48cm 48cm 35cm Cocker Spaniel, Border Terrier
Intermediate 54cm 54cm 38cm Sprocker Spaniel
Large 60cm 60cm 46cm Springer Spaniel, Pointer, Small Border Collie
Large Wide 60cm 75cm 50cm Labrador
Large Deep 65cm 65cm 48cm Large Pointer, Dalmation
Extra Large 70cm 75cm 55cm Golden Retriever, Large Border Collie
XXL 90cm 85cm 56cm German Shephard
C1 40cm 50cm 40cm French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier
C2 45cm 55cm 45cm French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier
C3 40cm 60cm 50cm French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier


Caring for your vest

The vest can be stored wet for short periods of time in the plastic bag provided, for example if you are going out for the day. Do not store your vest in the plastic bag for a long period of time as mildew may occur. When not in use, fold the vest up while wet, and it will dry and can be safely stored away. DO NOT try and unfold it when dry - when you are ready to use it again, rewet it and it will become soft and supple again.

If required, the vest can be machine washed at 30 degrees celcius or hand rinsed in cool water. Do not use conditioners or softeners.

Dispatch Timescales

Please allow a week for your ThermLow Cooling Vest to be posted to you. You will receive an email notifying you when your vest is on it's way.

Customer Reviews

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Very happy customer!

This is the second cooling vest I've ordered from Freckles. The vests work well and are excellent quality. The first one was a custom sized vest and has now had a year of use, it looks just as good as new and has made a huge difference to my elderly Staffy who really feels the heat. This second vest was an 'off the peg' size for my newly adopted French Bulldog, it fits beautifully. I have no hesitation in recommending these cooling vests and Freckles, their customer service is excellent.


A friend of ours recommended these and we’re very pleased with the fit and quality of the product. Impressed with speed of order being fulfilled.



Excellent service

I've never had such prompt service. Immediate email re advice on sizing, arrived quickly and looks great. I haven't used it yet but looks great quality.

This product is available.