Help your dog stay cool and refreshed with a ThermLow dog cooling vest, handcrafted in Scotland by Freckles Designs.

The Cooling Vests are made from a soft lightweight fabric that absorbs and retains water. The coat will stay moist and cool for several hours (dependant on weather conditions) however your dog will remain dry. The evaporative process activated by the cool fabric allows your dog to cool down more than the outside air. The cooling vest slips over your dog's head and has an underbelly strap which covers the chest of your dog and allows the body core to cool down too. This provides for a more efficient cooling process.

Choose from a standard length coat which covers the entire length of your dog's back, or a short vest which concentrates on cooling down the body core temperature.

Both styles are available in 7 standard sizes, or a Made to Measure vest can also be ordered should a standard size vest not be quite right.

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ThermLow Dog Cooling Vest
ThermLow Dog Cooling Short Vest
ThermLow Dog Cooling Vest (Made to Measure)
ThermLow Dog Cooling Short Vest (Made to Measure)