Freckles Drying Coats are fantastic for warming and drying you dog. They are great for putting on your dog after a walk in the rain, a swim in the sea or after a bath.

The drying coats fit snug on your dog for maximum contact with the fur ensuring that moisture is absorbed quickly, and as the water is drawn from your dogs fur they warm up a lot quicker. As the water is absorbed by the microfibre towelling, and with the aid of the fleece outer layer, your dog will begin to warm up. As your dog warms up the water absorbed by the towelling will evaporate away and so if the coat is left on long enough the result is a dry dog and a dry coat. The coat drys the dog and the dog drys the coat!

Drying Coats also help protect your walls and furniture from wet/dirty splashes and soggy patches. Towel drying your dog can also mat your dog's fur, so using a drying coat instead to draw the moisture from your dog's coat can help ease grooming woes.

 Freckles Designs make three different styles of Drying Coat to suit you and your dog's needs and budget - The Original, The Underbelly and The Ultimate. 

The Freckles Original Dog Drying Coat is our entry level drying coat. It has a classic shape and has a velcro fastening at the neck and waist strap for quick removal and easy adjustment.
The Underbelly Dog Drying Coat is our mid-range drying coat. It slips over your dog’s head and has the addition of an underbelly strap which you place between your dog's front legs and then wraps and fastens around your dog’s waist. The underbelly strap dries the chest and front of the belly area and provides extra drying and warmth to the core of the body.
The Freckles Ultimate Dog Drying Coat provides our greatest coverage. As well as the underbelly strap, it also a microfibre lined polo neck and a back shaping which encloses round the rear of the dog for the ultimate coverage. The back shaping fastens together with a snap fastening which can be undone if required.

All the Drying Coats are made with a fleece outer and are lined with high quality microfibre towelling made in Italy.  The microfibre towelling absorbs moisture and the fleece adds extra warmth which aids the drying process and also makes for a nicer look. There is a choice of different fleece colours to suit your, or your dog's (!), taste, and the drying coats are machine washable at 40 degrees.

The Gartmorn Collection includes our Country Style Drying Coats which have the same microfibre towelling inner, but they have a wool look outer for a more dapper look.

The Drying Coats are available in Standard Sizes or I can make a Made to Measure coat to suit your dog's measurements should a standard size not be quite right.


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Country Style Underbelly Drying Coat - shown here in Truffle colour
Country Style Ultimate Drying Coat - shown here in Pebble colour